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Tech Tips

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Introduction to pH
Caring for a pH Electrode
Cleaning & Reconditioning pH Testr Series Electrodes (TT3)
Measuring pH Value of Meat (TT6)
pHTestrTM for Care (TT7)
Temperature Compensation for pH instruments (TT11)
Using a pH meter with RS-232 output to develop titration curves for optimizing pH control processes (TT12)
pH Measurement & Control (TT14)
Testing Soil pH with the OAKTON® Soil pH Test Kit (TT20)
Ten Frequently Asked Questions for pH Testrs (TT21)
Use of the pH Wand with Non-pH Wand Electrodes (TT23)
pH and Viscous Samples _Too Hard to Handle? (TT24)
Reading pH levels of pH 12 or higher in the presence of sodium (TT09)
Measuring pH of pure water
ORP   Go to Top
Conditioning & Cleaning ORP TestrTM for Maximum Response (TT4)
Introduction to ORP (TT13)
Calibrating ORP Measurement Systems (TT18)
Ion Selective   Go to Top
Ion Selective Electrodes
Dissolved Oxygen    Go to Top
Introduction to Dissolved Oxygen
A Comparison between Polarographic & Galvanic Dissolved Oxygen Sensor Technologies (TT25)
Conductivity/TDS  Go to Top
Introduction to Conductivity
Calibration Procedure for TDSTestr TM 1 & TDSTestr TM 2 with ATC (TT1)
Calibration Procedure for TDSTestrTM 3 & TDSTestr TM 4 with ATC (TT2)
Practical consideration for Conductivity & Total Dissolved Solids Measurement (TT8)
Use of the TDSTestr TM in Fertilizer Applications (TT15)
Converting ppm to ppt & uS to mS (TT17)
TDSTestr and ECTestr comparison chart (TT10)
Temperature   Go to Top
Introduction to Temperature
Understanding thermocouple probes (TT28)
Understanding thermistor probes (TT27)
Other   Go to Top
Low-Battery Message on OAKTON Testrs (TT5)
Importing Data Files from the OAKTON® Datalog Assist Software Program to Excel® Spreadsheets (TT16)
Grains, Grams, Ounces, parts per million & parts per Thousand: getting from here to there (TT19)
Water Purification Methods (TT29)
Common Conversion Factors (TT30)
Plugs and Pipe Fittings (TT31)
Regulatory Agencies and Approvals: Definitions (TT32)
NEC, IP and NEMA Ratings (TT33)
Sales Tips  Go to Top
The Economies of Tank Style aspirator Pumps (ST1)
New Waterproof TDSTestrs Put practicality First (ST2)
Infrared thermometry and its applications (ST3)
Double Junction pHTestrs (ST4)
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