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Waterproof pH 600 series

Expanded range, resolution and accuracy, increased memory, and advanced communications

  No more excuses for missing data! Out-of-date or unperformed calibrations are now things of the past!

These waterproof handheld meters feature a 2.00 to 19.99 pH range expandable to 0.001 pH resolution. Combined with accuracies up to 0.002 pH, these meters provide a new benchmark in our pH meter line.

Store up to 500 data sets in the meters memory. Time-and-date-stamping meets Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) standards.

The pH 600 meters offer the latest in calibration capabilities including up to 6 calibration points, a user-settable calibration due alarm, and up to 15 buffer options with auto buffer recognition of USA, NIST, DIN, and PWB standards.

The infrared IrDA wireless technology makes PC downloading more convenient and easier. Dual power up allows you to use batteries while out in the field or the optional AC power adapter while in the lab.

As always, our waterproof meters are IP67-rated for both dust and water intrusion. Even with no probes attached!

Measures pH, mV, ISE (ISE model 620 only)
pHRange pH600: -2.00 to 19.99 pH610 and 620: -2.000 to 19.999
pHResolution pH600: 0.01 pH610 and 620: 0.001
pHAccuracy pH600: 0.01 pH610 and 620: 0.002
pHCalibration Up to 6 points
mVRange 2000
mVResolution 0.1 mV
mVCalibration 0.2 mV
IonRange pH620 only: 0.001 to 19,900 ppm, molar, or mg/L
IonResolution 2 or 3 digits
IonAccuracy 0.17 n%
IonCalibration Up to 6 points
TemperatureRange -10 to 110C (14 to 230F
TemperatureResolution 0.1C (0.1 to 1F)
TemperatureAccuracy 0.5C (0.9F)
ATC Automatic or manual
Power Four AA batteries (included)
Memory 500 data sets
Real Time Clock Yes
RS-232 Yes: IRDA/RS232
Optional AC Power Yes
Built-in Stand No
Dual Display Yes
Waterproof/Dustproof (IP67) Yes
Dimensions 3 1/4"W x 7 1/4"H x 2 1/4"D
Shipping weight 2 lbs

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Model # Description Suggested List Price Qty  
WD-35418-02 pH600 meter only $664.50
WD-35418-10 pH610 meter and electrode $916.00
WD-35418-80 pH610 meter kit $1087.50
WD-35418-22 pH620 meter only $992.00
WD-35418-00 pH600 meter and electrode $776.50
WD-35418-70 pH600 meter kit $917.00
WD-35418-12 pH610 meter only $804.25
WD-35418-20 pH620 meter and electrode $1074.50
WD-35418-90 pH620 meter kit $1225.50
WD-35418-01 pH 600 meter with probe & NIST traceable calibration report $924.50
WD-35418-13 pH 610 meter only & NIST traceable calibration report $952.25
WD-35418-71 pH 600 meter kit & NIST traceable calibration report $1065.00
WD-35418-03 pH 600 meter only & NIST traceable calibration report $812.50
WD-35418-21 pH 620 meter with probe & NIST traceable calibration report $1222.50
WD-35418-81 pH 610 meter kit & NIST traceable calibration report $1235.50
WD-35418-11 pH 610 meter with probe & NIST traceable calibration report $1064.00
WD-35418-23 pH 620 meter only & NIST traceable calibration report $1140.00
WD-35418-91 pH 620 meter kit & NIST traceable calibration report $1373.50

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