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Eutech pH 1000 Controller

Select from three control modes: on/off, proportional pulse length or proportional pulse frequency

  Large dual LCD shows both pH (or mV) and temperature
  Two set point, two SPDT relay operation- choose from lo/lo, lo/hi, hi/lo or hi/hi control
  Separate alarm relay
  0 to 2000 second time delay adjustment on all relays
  Separately adjustable high and low set point hysteresis bands
  0-20/4-20 mA transmitter/recorder output
  Push button two-point calibration
  On-line electrode offset adjustment
  Hold feature lets you connect flow or level switches to protect your pump
  Two level password protection
  LED indicators signal control activities
  Battery back-up of memory

Control your process with three available control strategies: On/off, proportional pulse length, or proportional pulse frequency. Use proportional control to gradually increase or decrease pump or valve response, depending on the deviation from the set point.

Manually control test relays with the touch of one button. Relays include programmable time delay to minimize false alarms. Hold relay feature lets you connect other controllers, flow switches, or level switches for failsafe operation.

Controller is compatible with a variety of electrodes, including glass and antimony. Symmetrical electrode inputs eliminate electricalnoise problems when used with a solution ground. Connections are made through the two removable terminal strips for easy installation.

Click below to download Acrobat (.pdf) file of:
pH 1000 controller product bulletin
pH 1000 controller manual

Measures pH, mV, °C
pHRange 0.00 to 14.00 pH
pHResolution 0.01 pH
pHAccuracy ±0.01 pH
pHCalibration one or two points (select from pH 1.00, 4.00, 7.00, 9.00, 10.00)
mVRange ±1000 mV
mVResolution 1 mV
mVAccuracy ±1 mV
mVCalibration offset for ORP mV calibration, or two points (20% and 80%) for ORP % calibration
TemperatureRange -9.9 to 125°C
TemperatureResolution 0.1°C
TemperatureAccuracy ±0.1°C
TemperatureCalibration offset up to ±5°C
Control type on/off or proportional (selectable)
Number of inputs one
Number of set points two (high and low)
Separate alarm relay yes
OutputControl 2 SPDT relays, 6 A at 110 VAC, 250 VAC maximum
OutputAlarm 1 SPDT relay, 6 A at 110 VAC, 250 VAC maximum
OutputPulse pulse length (0.5 to 20 sec) or pulse frequency (60 to 120 pulses per min)
OutputCurrent isolated 0-20.4-20 mA, with 20% to 100% full-scale scalable boundaries, 600 W maximum load
Hysteresis 0.1 to 1.0 pH, 10 to 100 mV, or 1 to 10%
Relay delay selectable, 0 to 2000 seconds
Input impedance 10^12 MW
Electrical isolation yes, galvanically
Temperature Sensor 100 W or 1000 W Pt RTD
Temperature Compensation Automatic or manual from -9.9 to 125°C
Password protection two level password
Display dual line LCD, 4-digit upper and 3 1/2 digit lower
Operating Temperature -10 to 60°C
Housing 1/4 DIN
Dimensions 3.8" x 3.8" x 6.9" (9.6 x 9.6 x 17.5 cm)
Shipping weight 2.5 lbs (1.2 kg)

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Model # Description Suggested List Price Qty  
WD-56710-05 pH 1000 Controller, Eutech, 220 VAC $849.00
WD-56710-00 pH 1000 Controller, Eutech, 110 VAC $826.00
WD-56710-17 pH 1000 controller 110V & NIST traceable calibration report $868.29
WD-56710-27 pH 1000 controller 220V & NIST traceable calibration report $938.00
WD-50001-00 Power cord, U.S. standard plug, 6-ft, 120 VAC $64.00

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